This year the Latin American Symposium on Food Science completes 26 years. In its 14th edition we observed a very important change in the area of food in our country and in the world, especially considering the pandemic context, the importance of safe food, quality control and risks reduction for consumers. This means important opportunities for Food Science, Technology, Engineering and especially in Nutrition.

The food area has become increasingly central in public policy discussions around the world, as, unfortunately, we are in the midst of a serious food insecurity which currently affects several people in the World. This scenarius makes all agents, scientists, politicians seriously thinking about how to improve access to healthy food for the population.

The world populations and also in Brazil are aging, this means a radical change in the types of food, in the types of processing and especially in the prevention of non-communicable chronic degenerative diseases that spread around the world and consume a large part of the resources destined to health, either in our country or in the world. It is extremely important that we keep this in mind, considering that science already brings us about how food, its constitution and its bioactive compounds can participate in the prevention of this type of disease.

International organizations such as the UN and FAO place in their priorities the issue of extinction of hunger and food as an integral health item, therefore, the concern with the issue of Food Science and food as a whole is a global movement.

In this event, we will bring scientists with extensive experience from Brazil and abroad, who will address the most relevant aspects that correlate to the importance of Food Science in health and disease prevention, which is precisely one of the most important current challenges.

We invite everyone to attend to SLACA, hopeful that the discussions can lead to solutions for the most important challenges to food area! 


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