Treatment of craft beer wastewater by Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) employing 70% hydrogen peroxide

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  • Tipo de apresentação: e-Pôster
  • Eixo temático: Química Ambiental - AMB
  • Palavras chaves: Craft beer; 70% hydrogen peroxide; Fenton’s Reaction; Photo-Fenton; Sono-Fenton;
  • 1 Centro Universitário SENAI CIMATEC

Treatment of craft beer wastewater by Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) employing 70% hydrogen peroxide

Elisson Andrade de Souza



With the increase in consumption and popularization of craft beer, the production of wastewater has been growing at an alarming rate. Associated with this fact, new AOP techniques have been improved with the use of H2O2 (70% wt.) [1,2]. At room temperature and pH 3.0, 50 mL of the craft beer wastewater were treated with 50 g/L of H2O2 (70% wt.) and 2 g/L Fe(II). Material degradation was evaluated by absorbance at 409 nm because it is the wavelength of maximum absorption of the residue. Under these conditions, within 30 minutes of reaction, 80% discoloration was achieved with the Fenton process. Subsequently, the Fenton’s reaction was performed with UV light (Photo-Fenton process, 370 nm cutoff filter was used; λ > 370 nm) and ultrasound (Sono-Fenton process, 80 W and 20 kHz) directly on the solution. A discoloration of 85% and 93% was achieved with the Sono-Fenton and Photo-Fenton processes, respectively. Due to its greater discoloration, a COD removal test was carried out for the Photo-Fenton process, indicating a removal of 79%. Thus, preliminary results of this work show that these techniques and reagent are promising in the treatment of effluents and mainly in the craft beer residue. Now, we are currently optimizing the data and results using chemometric analysis for better responses.
[1] SOUZA, E. A.; CERQUEIRA, U. M. F. M.; SILVA, L. A. Comparative study of various advanced oxidation processes for the treatment of tannery wastewater. Desalination and Water Treatment (Online), v. 182, p. 88-97, 2020
[2] FERREIRA, S. L. C.; CRUZ JUNIOR, R. A.; CHAGAS, A. V.; FELIX, C. S.; SOUZA, R. C.; SILVA, L. A.; LEMOS, V. A. A closed inline system for sample digestion using 70% hydrogen peroxide and UV radiation. Determination of lead in wine employing ETAAS. Talanta 2019, 191, 479-484.

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