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The growing number of chronic diseases and oncologic associated with increased elderly population, sets an access with good power-solving be stepped up in primary care and that the association of home visits with palliative care, when well done, can reduce costs, humanize care, alleviate the suffering of patients and their families, have impeccable symptom control and pain and better patient autonomy. This work aims to show through the description of a case, how important it is to associate these two tools in primary care. We conducted a monitoring of a patient home visits and in palliative care, which care and the evolution of the patient were positive: family followed the entire process aware of evolution and relaxed about the care, patient always lucida with good pain control and much autonomy. With weekly visits providing greater convenience and adapting all the care that the patient needed in your home, and the hospital only the day before the death. In this process we see how important is the union of these tools, which offer comprehensive care to patients and their families, reducing costs and bringing the health team the reality of the patient.