Dear friends, 

Welcome to the 21st WONCA World Conference of Family Doctors. It is a time to exchange experiences and to celebrate the work we do daily with our patients and their communities. All participants shall give their best to this meeting, having a lot to learn and also to teach. This should be the main goal of this conference.

There is no single way to do Primary Care and Family and Community Medicine. We must absorb the principles of this stimulating field and be creative at work. This event is intended to instrumentalize and “energize” those who make it all happen in the front line, whether it is in management, education, research or medical care.

I express my appreciation to the Municipal Secretary of Health, especially to Daniel Soranz for all the support he has given for this event to happen. Aside from the support he has given to this conference, he has conducted

one of the greatest and most impressive reforms ever made in Primary Care worldwide, with the help of his remarkable team. I suggest you take the opportunity and visit a Family Clinic during your stay in Rio de Janeiro.

Working in Primary Care is a passionate experience and this feeling deserves to be shared.

I invite you to exchange experiences, learn, teach and enjoy yourselves, because we deserve that.



Gustavo Gusso

President of the21st WONCA World Conference of Family Doctors


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