Audition of old in the Basic Attention: perception of the subject

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The quantity of old ones that it declares to have some difficulty to hear according to the last Census in 2010 exceeds 21,6% (9.717.328 individuals). One of the implications of this population increase, in this age group, will be a possible increase of the presbiacusia, which is the loss of audition associated to the aging. The old thing with hearing loss can lose informations and deal with consequences psicossociais, like the isolation. The work has as I aim to know the perception that the old ones have on his audition. The old users of the basic attention of the city of Campinas-SP answered the questions of the part that treats hearing questions contained in the Project "Saúde, Bem-Estar e Envelhecimento (SABE)". The sample counted on 30 elderly, 19 women and 11 men, the age average was of 72,8 % between 61 to 85 years. There was straight relation with the perception of the audition with dizziness complaints and falls. It was possible to give visibility for the hearing questions in old. Very often the old ones do not realize signs of a possible loss of the audition before there appear complaints that confuse daily tasks as he will speak to the telephone and will talk in public. The audition subsidizes the familiarity in the society that is damaged by the impossibility of hearing. The old thing, very often, leaves situations of familiarity in society for the difficulty in the communication.