SLACA’s main objectives are the integration of national and international research groups, dissemination of scientific knowledge, progress, innovation and the deepening of the relationship food, nutrition and health, either in the scientific community, the industry and government agencies. The lectures and discussions will address the importance of food and at the same time, to associate the technological development of food industry and the maintenance of health in aging.

The attendance of internationally renowned scientists will be an important milestone in understanding the frontier of knowledge and its dissemination into society, in addition to dissemination in written and spoken media and social networks.

The diseases with higher morbidity and mortality worldwide, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, among others, are related to an unbalanced diet and to the consumption of foods with low nutritional value. On the other hand, there is a continuous stimulus for producing foods with increased productivities and high nutritional quality.

The enormous respectability and credibility of the event greatly excites the organizing team and encourages us to make a large impact event for the food area. Moreover, the great return to our sponsors contributes to the reliability of SLACA for the industrial sector.

Another particularity of SLACA is a fair for the exhibition of the Food industry ingredients, supplies and equipment for the food sector. Companies are welcome to have a stand in SLACA. Please, consult our staffs about this possibility if you are interested.