Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the International Conference


These Proceedings of the NIR 2015 conference contain a collection of contributions, effectively presented in the conference as posters or oral communications, whose authors decided to use the traditional media of the meeting to publicize their work.

The Proceedings volume was published only in the electronic format accessible for download through the web, registered in the ISSN, with all contributions having their DOI reference number.

It also represents, in our opinion, a clear division regarding previous conferences for what the number of works submitted for publication in the Proceedings was significantly greater than in this occasion. The causes can be traced back perhaps in the recurrent concerns about self-plagiarism (as a similar work could, in the past, be submitted to a specialized periodic) and the real value of the Proceedings, considering its availability to the scientific and technical communities, when compared to a traditional specialized periodic.

The readers may notice small inconsistencies, despite our efforts, among the format of the works, mainly related to the citations format. These inconsistencies were considered by the editors not to jeopardize either the understanding of the work, or the access to the relevant works cited by the authors.

Notwithstanding, the collection of works found in this Proceedings is very representative of the modern developments and applications of Near Infrared Spectroscopy and should provide to the readers a clear vision of the state-of-the-art in NIR spectroscopy.

Finally, the editors wish to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. Gledson Emidio José for helping in reviewing and formatting the manuscripts.

Campinas 10th February 2017

Celio Pasquini
Claudete Fernandes Pereira
Ivo Milton Raimundo Jr.
Jarbas José Rodrigues Rohwedder
Maria Fernanda Pimentel
Solange Cadore
Teresa Cristina Bezerra Saldanha