General information:

Please check the abstract submission guidelines:

STEP 1: Presentation Options - choose between 2 presentation types

  • Poster Only;
  • Oral Communication or Poster


STEP 2: Abstract Information

2.1. Choose the topic of the conference regarding your work:

  1. Fundamentals / Spectroscopy
  2. Chemometrics
  3. Instrumental Development
  4. Hyperspectral Imaging
  5. Portable Instruments: Application/Evaluation
  6. Forensic
  7. Wild Life/Ecology/Environmental
  8. Agriculture and food
  9. Pharmaceutical
  10. Petrochemical/Polymers
  11. Biochemical/ Biomedical Applications
  12. Other

2.2. Template

  • Title
  • Abstract: Limited to 500 words (figures, images or tables are not allowed)

The abstract must contain an INTRODUCTION to your work, describing its relevance and objectives; an EXPERIMENTAL session, describing the instrumental, methods, data treatment, and details of the measurements; a RESULTS AND DISCUSSION session, showing the principal results obtained and their relevance. The sessions do not need to be nominated in the abstract.

  • Acknowledgements (limited to 30 words) (Use this space to acknowledge financial supporting from private and governmental institutions and other people contributing for the work). 

This text will appear at the end of the abstract in the electronic abstract book


  • Novelty ( limited to 100 words)

Please, state the novelty of your work compared with other contributions previously described, regarding its relevance for the NIR spectroscopy according to the different areas listed above. Though the novelty statement is obligatory, it will not appear in the final version of your work published in the abstract electronic book.


STEP 3: Authors informations

Authors list: Please note that the first author (you) should be the abstract Presenter by default. Nevertheless, it can be modified through the field choose below the page.

In all cases, the Presenter must be part of the authors list included in the submitted abstract.

The submitter certifies that he has permission from all persons he enters as co-authors to be listed in this abstract and that they are aware that their names will appear in all publications. 

The names of authors will be published as listed on the submission form. Please make sure the information given for each author is correct, as changes will be possible only by the author or co-author at the restrict area (

If none of the authors are able to present the abstract during the congress, the abstract should be withdrawn.


STEP 4: Review your work and affiliations

Please confirm all the informations before send your abstract, further changes will not be allowed.

In order to proceed with the abstract submission, your agreements with the following statements are required.

  • All authors are aware that their names appear on this abstract.
  • If accepted for poster presentation, the presenting author agrees to place this poster on the assigned poster board for the entire time allotted for viewing and it will be removed at the time specified.
  • If accepted for oral presentation, the presenting author agrees to present the abstract during the scheduled time/date.
  • The presenting author will keep NIR informed of any changes to the contact information provided.


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