Welcome to Proceedings of Interaction Latin America (ILA18)!

ILA18 was a global event of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) with about 1,800 participants. 

ILA18 has expanded the South American limits of previous events to cover Latin America. Thus, it has proposed the expansion of the boundaries of Interaction Design as the theme of the event.

We asked for works focused on Interaction Design and related topics. We accepted two types of works: academic papers and market cases. We aim to provide space for professionals as well as the academic community.

Works were evaluated by an Executive Committee. This is composed of renowned academics (Academic Committee) and professionals (Cases Committee). We also have invited the community to the evaluation of works. Volunteer reviewers were selected by the Executive Committee. We expect to have increased community participation and diversity of reviews.

Here we present the papers selected to ILA18. Market cases presentations, keynote speakers videos and more are available at http://ila.ixda.org/2018/.

Enjoy it! 

ILA18 team

Papers per Theme