The Brazilian Meeting on Organic Synthesis (BMOS) is the most important event of Organic Chemistry of the Brazilian Chemical Society which brings together the very best in Brazilian Organic Synthesis and colleagues from Latin America and all over the world.

The conference takes place to permit interaction between the invited speakers and the audience, and allows extensive contact with students and professors. We know you really enjoy yourself both scientifically and socially, so come and join us at the BMOS.

The 17th BMOS is located in Salvador, the main city of Bahia, a state known for its natural wonders, welcoming people, and deeply-rooted African cultural influences. The rhythm of Capoeira, the aromas and flavors of local delicacies, the religious syncretism and cultural melting pot are very known, besides the most popular Carnival festivities in the country. In addition, a thriving industry and a petrochemical hub are based in this state making Bahia an excellent location for the 17th BMOS.

Mauricio M. Victor and Silvio D. Cunha

General secretaries