• Opening conference - Prof. Erick Carreira, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

Recent Developments in Strategies and Tactics Towards Complex Molecules


  • Invited Speaker – Ronaldo Aloise Pilli (UNICAMP, Brazil)

Synthesis and Structural Elucidation of Natural Dihydropyranones


  • Invited lecture - Alcindo Aparecido dos Santos, USP, Brazil

Selenium and Tellurium Giving Light to Analytes


  • Invited lecture - Gonçalo Bernardes, Cambridge University, UK

Chemical Physiology of Antibody Conjugates and Natural Products


  • Invited lecture - -Till Opatz, University Mainz, Germany

A Passion for Nitrogen – Amine Functionalization, Sustainable Chemistry, and Bioactive Natural Products


  • Invited speaker - David Bernier, Bayer, France

Tetrazolyloximes: New Standard in Oomycetes Control


  • Invited lecture - Márcio Contrucci S. de Mattos, UFRJ, Brazil

New Insights into Trihaloisocyanuric Acids Chemistry


  • Invited speaker - Paolo Melchiorre, Institute of Catalonia

Spain Enhancing the Potential of Organocatalysis with Light


  • Invited lecture - Fernanda Andréia Rosa, UEM, Brazil

B-Enamino Diketone: a Powerful Precursor for the Synthesis of Polyfunctionalized Aza-Heterocycles


  • Invited lecture - Luiz Cláudio A. Barbosa, UFMG, Brazil

Synthesis and Bioactivities of Small Butenolides


  • RSC – BMOS Young Investigator Distinction Conference - Jonathan Clayden, Bristol University, UK

Exploiting Molecular Conformation


  • Invited speaker - Antônio C. B. Burtoloso, USP-São Carlos, Brazil

Alpha Carbonyl Functionalization from Sulfur Ylides and Diazo Compounds


  • Invited speaker - Rodrigo B. Andrade, Temple University, USA

Synthesis of Bioactive Indole Alkaloids


  • Invited speaker - Arlene Gonçalves Correa, UFSCar, Brazil

Greener Organocatalytic Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds


  • Invited speaker - Tyler McQuade, Virginia, USA

Medicines for All: Developing Low Cost Process Routes using New Methods and Technology


  • Invited Lecture – Cíntia D. F. Milagre (UNESP, Brazil)

Biocatalysis: new opportunities and challenges for a more sustainable synthesis


  • Closing conference - Christofer Vanderwal, UCLA, USA

Strategies for the Synthesis of Complex Bioactive Terpenoids