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Introduction: Curriculum Based on Competencies for Family and Community Medicine (CBCMFC) published in 2015 by SBMFC establishes the core competencies to be developed by MFC Residents in the first and second year of training. Objective: To identify the learning needs related to the powers described in CBCMFC residents first year of Family Medicine residency and Community at the University Nine July. Methods: We developed an instrument composed of items essentials and Attention fields to Health CBCMFC and applied in 3 residents first year of residency at the University MFC Nine de Julho-SP. Residents were asked to self-evaluate to zero to ten notes on each item. Means for each competency groups were held. Results: In the Fundamentals course, residents identified more difficulties in items related to Public Health (note 4.7), family approach (4.8), community-based approach (3.9), continuing education (5.9), research medical and management (2.5), teamwork (5.0), audit quality assessment (2.0) and health surveillance (3.0). Regarding the note field of Health, the areas of greatest difficulty were ENT diseases (1.7), skin problems (2.7), muscular disorders (3.9), infectious diseases (4.6), mental (4,8), procedures (4.5), sexuality grievances (4.8) and the pregnancy and postpartum period (4.7). Conclusion: encouraging self-evaluation skills, it is a promising qualification strategy of learning processes centered on knowledge / specific difficulties of each resident in addition to stimulating the participatory construction of stages and educational processes.