The first edition of the International Seminar on Competitive Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics (SIGARC) was held in 2007 in parallel to the Rio de Janeiro Pan-American Games, having the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) as organizer and the Social Service of Commerce (SESC – Rio de Janeiro) as partner. The following editions happened at Campinas/SP (University of Campinas - UNICAMP) 2010, Rio Claro/SP (São Paulo State University - UNESP) 2012, São Paulo/SP (University of São Paulo - USP) 2015, and Vitória/ES (Federal University of Espírito Santo – UFES) 2017. Since 2012’ edition the event has been organized by a cooperation between the São Paulo state universities (UNICAMP, USP, and UNESP).

Over time, the event received participation from renowned national and international specialists, fostering an urgent approximation between science and practice, developing a meeting that includes researchers, trainers, referees, managers and other professionals interested in the long-term training process, in all your performance levels.

In 2023, the 6th edition discussed the need for a "National System of Sports Preparation" including 70 communications approved by a double-blind review process done by 35 experts from all regions of the country. In this sense, the Book of Abstracts also includes the 07 tutorial videos abstracts (03 AG and 04 RG), 54 poster abstracts (22 AG, 21 RG, 11 AG and RG), and 09 oral communication abstracts (05 AG and 04 RG) as well the event official program.

As organizers of this event, and having the support of the Scientific Commission, we are convinced that this Book of Abstract becomes another important source for professionals working in the field. Certainly, other questions will pop up demanding a continuous dialogue in this community. We hope to meet again in the next edition with even more significant advances for safer AG and RG practice.


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