Evaluation of life quality in pacients with head and neck squamous cells carcinome before and after the appereance of Oral Mucositis (OM) caused by chemiotherapy treatment with Cisplatin associated with Radiotherapy: Relation of the Presence and Level of OM in second phase clinical study comparing the treatment of OM between a phytotherapic and application of low intensity laser.

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One great challenge of head and neck cancer treatment with Cisplatin and Radiotherapy is the development of adverse side effects that diminishes treatment adhesion, among them is Oral Mucositis (OM). The "golden pattern" nowadays for OM treatment in Brasil is the application of low intensity laser, however this treatment is obsolete, since there are not enough trained professionals in this technique. Previous studies with Arrabiadaea chica have proven that the use in healing processes is not only effective, but safe, since no toxic or adverse effetcs were observed in phase I clinical trials with gel formulations containing 2,5% standardized A.chica extract. Therefore, in this second phase clinical trial the comparison of application of 2,5% A.chica gel with low intensity laser treatment were evaluated in patients under treatment of head and neck squamous cells carcinoma that developed OM. Once approves, A. chica formulation will present a simpler, more effective and low cost option for OM treatment of SUS pacients.