Analysis of the biotransformation of (-) - cubebin in (-) - hinokinin by Aspergillus Niger

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Biotransformation of natural products by means of various microorganisms is a method for the production of new bioactive substances. The (-)- hinokinin has an important trypanocidal activity and can be obtained by the biotransformation of (-)- cubebin by the fungus Aspergillus niger. However, the ideal conditions in which the micro-organism is capable of promoting the reactions have not yet been established. Thus, this work proposes to establish ideal conditions of cultivation of this fungus in order to reach higher concentration and productivity of (-)-hinokinin in crops. For this, different culture media were analyzed for selection of the medium that produces high concentration of cells in suspension. In addition, the (-)- cubebin biotransformation process was performed to analyze whether the strain produces the compound of interest. The results showed that the PDB medium is the most indicated to be used. In addition, it was observed that the strain is capable of producing (-)- hinokinin in this culture medium after 8 days of cultivation. The results, although preliminary, are of great importance for the trials being carried out in order to understand the mechanisms that (-)- hinokinin are obtained from the biotransformation of (-)- cubebin for future production in bioreactors .