Submission rules


The Organizing Committee of the XIV International Symposium on Genetics and Breeding (SIGM) is pleased to announce the abstract submission period for the event. Please carefully read the guidelines below before submitting your work:

1.1. Abstract submission for the XIV SIGM will be exclusively done through the online system available on the event's website:

   1.1.1. Abstracts sent via mail, email, or any other method other than mentioned above will not be accepted.

1.2. Submission of a written abstract is mandatory.

1.3. The submitting author will be considered the corresponding author and will be contacted through the email provided during registration.

1.4. Each corresponding author may submit only one abstract as the first author, however, there are no limits for participation as a co-author in other works.

1.5. The abstract submission period will be open from August 29 to October 02, 2023.

   1.5.1. Works submitted outside this period will not be considered.

1.6. The submitting author must complete all mandatory fields in the online submission form, including information about the abstract. The form will be available under the "Abstract Submission" tab on the event's website.

   1.6.1. A omissão de qualquer informação obrigatória resultará na desclassificação do resumo.

1.7. During submission, the author must classify the work into one of the thematic areas described in item 3.1.1.

1.8. Failure to comply with any instructions for abstract preparation, as detailed in Item 2 of the guidelines, will result in disqualification of the work.



2.1. Extension and Structure of the Abstract:

   2.1.1. The abstract must contain between 300 and 500 words, excluding the title and keywords, which have their own fields for completion.

   2.1.2. The abstract text should be in a single paragraph and with justified alignment. We recommend writing the abstract directly, prioritizing the use of the past tense. The abstract should be informative, covering a brief introduction and justification, followed by the study's objectives. Additionally, the main procedures adopted, the most relevant results, and the conclusions obtained should be presented.

   2.1.3. Abstracts eligible for awards at the undergraduate, master's, or doctoral/post-doctoral levels should be submitted in the form of an expanded abstract, according to the specifications provided in the corresponding template: access the template for expanded abstract here.

2.2. Abstract Formatting:

   2.2.1 For simple abstracts, the inclusion of figures, tables, or graphs, as well as the use of bold and/or underlines to highlight information, is not allowed. We suggest avoiding the use of equations, symbols, or abbreviations not widely recognized.

   2.2.2 For abstracts submitted in the format of an expanded abstract, the inclusion of figures, tables, graphs, and equations will be allowed. However, authors must note that the size of the expanded abstract should not exceed five pages. Make sure to follow this limitation to ensure the quality and clarity of your work.

2.3. Submission Languages:

   2.3.1. Abstracts written in Portuguese or English will be accepted.

2.4. References:

   2.4.1. Given the concise nature of the simple abstract, the presentation of references is not necessary, with the exception of this case.

2.5. Authorship and Submission:

   2.5.1. Abstract submission is restricted to the first author, who must be registered for the event. Each participant as the first author can submit only one abstract. There are no restrictions on the number of submissions as co-authors.

2.6. Relevance and Originality:

   2.6.1. Only unpublished and original scientific contributions aligned with the areas of interest of the XIV SIGM will be considered.

2.7 Spelling and Grammar Check:

   2.7.1. The spelling and grammar review of the abstract are the responsibility of the authors and must be done before submission. Corrections will not be allowed after submission.


3.1. The categories for abstracts cover the areas listed in the submission form below.
   3.1.1. The thematic areas or concentration areas of the XIV SIGM include:

  • Molecular biology and biotechnology
  • Biometrics, statistics, and quantitative genetics
  • Cytogenetics
  • Phenomics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Breeding of perennial species
  • Breeding of annual species
  • Genomic selection and association

3.2. After submitting the abstract, changes to the text and the selected thematic area will not be possible. However, it's important to note that during the evaluation process conducted by the Scientific Committee, changes to the assigned thematic area may occur if deemed appropriate


4.1. The Technical-Scientific Committee of the XIV SIGM will select three (03) works to receive awards, provided they are presented orally in both categories. During the registration process, participants need to indicate if their work is eligible for competition for the award. If there are not enough submissions for the award, the event's scientific committee will select works demonstrating scientific merit.

   4.1.2 The works chosen by the Technical-Scientific Committee of the XIVSIGM will be awarded on the condition that they are presented in an expository format as a lecture during a plenary session designated for the symposium participants.

4.2. After the acceptance of the work for oral presentation by the Technical-Scientific Committee, the authors will be notified through the email registered on the registration page.

   4.2.1 During the period from October 5 to October 6, the event's organizing team will contact the authors of the selected works to confirm, allowing each author to accept or decline the opportunity to orally present the work during the last day of the XIV SIGM.

4.3. The ORAL presentation will follow the detailed rules in item 5.2 of this notice.

4.4. The awards will be distributed with the following values: The first-place winner will receive 100 dollars; those ranked from second to fifth place will receive an Honorable Mention. These awards will be given exclusively after the oral presentation during a specific session of the XIV SIGM, in both categories.

4.5. In this edition, we will have exciting award categories: Doctorate + Postdoctorate (Cosme Damião Cruz), Master's (Aluízio Borém), and Undergraduate (Eveline Teixeira Caixeta Moura). We want to recognize and honor these incredible professors who have not only contributed significantly to development but have also been fundamental partners in the realization of the International Symposium on Genetics and Breeding. This event, organized annually by GenMelhor, reflects their valuable contributions. 

4.6. Eligible participants for the competition must submit a video lasting up to three minutes to the following email address: [email protected]. The absence of this video will result in the disqualification of the submitted abstract for award consideration.

4.7. Slide template link for presentation: access the presentation slide template here.