The XXII Brazilian Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry (SBQT) will take place in the city of Niterói, at Sala Nelson Pereira dos Santos, from October 23 to 26, 2023. The XXII SBQT will promote the face-to-face meeting of the Theoretical and Computational Chemistry community, after the 2021 virtual event, which is why the motto will be “Chega de Saudade”, also to celebrate one of the symbols of Rio de Janeiro, the Bossa Nova.

The event will feature an extensive program, including plenary conferences, invited lectures and short communications by Brazilian researchers and guests from abroad, in addition to the traditional presentation in the form of panels. As always, our event will also be diversified from the point of view of the topics addressed, essentially covering the entire spectrum of research lines developed by researchers in the area, including, for example, topics such as quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, molecular modeling, liquid systems, solids and interfaces, reactions in the gas phase, development of algorithms, among others, and encompassing numerous applications.

The SBQT, the biggest event in the area in Latin America, will continue to be a unique opportunity to promote and disseminate knowledge, create collaborations and share experiences and the latest advances in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry in Brazil, in addition to contributing to closer relationships with experimental chemistry.

Chega de Saudade. Welcome everyone!


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