The International Symposium Frontiers in Neuroscience is a conference that intends to provide an update on the most recent advances on neurosciences. Our subjects spam from molecular, cellular and biochemical aspects of the nervous system, to clinical perspectives, including the pathogenesis of neurological disorders and the development of disease specific biomarkers. This symposium is an initiative of the Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Research Program at the Biomedical Sciences Institute (ICB) of UFRJ, which is a collaborative and multidisciplinary initiative that involves several renowned institutions in the field of neuroscience in Brazil and abroad. Beyond the Neurosciences Program, we will be also hosting the Neurotranslational National Institute (INNT) annual meeting. The main objective of this meeting is to promote scientific and technological development in the field of neuroscience, facilitating the exchange of experiences and interactions among students, recent doctoral graduates, and professors at the forefront of knowledge in this field.