All paper proposals must be submitted only through extended abstracts either in Portuguese, or in Spanish, or in English.

To write down your extended abstract(s), please, follow the instructions below:

Save your paper proposal in pdf format, on A4 size page (210 x 297mm), with 3cm top and left margins and 2cm lower and right margins; font Arial, size 12, single space, with a space between paragraphs. Papers must have between 8,000 and 21,000 characters and a maximum of five pages.

There are three types of proposals you can submit to the 2nd International Conference Paulo Freire: The Global Legacy:

  • Academic papers
  • Papers describing and analyzing practical experiences
  • Workshops

Workshops must last 2, 4 or 6 hours each (maximum 2 hours a day).

Academic papers and papers describing and analyzing practical experiences must be submitted to one of the following generative themes:

  1. “Reading the world always precedes reading the word” There are at least two possibilities for submitting proposals to this generative theme: 1. proposals that discuss, from a Freirean perspective, questions about reading and writing and/or analyzing concrete experiences of literacy aimed at socially, ethnically and racially minority groups; and 2. proposals that analyze the current political context, the challenges it imposes to us and the actions necessary to overcome these challenges.
  2. Freirean letters Writing letters was a stile adopted by Paulo Freire during his intellectual trajectory. Proposals that wish to dialogue with Freirean concepts and ideas using this same stile will be accepted to this generative theme.
  3. Denouncing and announcing Freire defended the idea that in addition to denouncing injustices and oppression in our societies, we should always announce alternatives and strategies to struggle against them. If this is what your proposal does, this is the generative theme for submitting your proposal.
  4. Pedagogy of the Oppressed(s) Questions related to the educational, (re)schooling and teaching-learning processes of so-called “diverse collectives” will be addressed here through the proposals to be submitted to this generative theme.
  5. Reinventing Paulo Freire Paulo Freire invites us to reinvent his ideas to each specific context. So, it is not a matter of simply “applying” his ideas, but reinventing them to each specific situation. If that is what your proposal does, here is the correct place to submit your paper.
  6. How to go beyond Paulo Freire If you want to discuss limitations of Paulo Freire’s work and propose questions about how to go beyond his ideas, this is the generative theme to submit your proposal.


  1. Call for paper submissions: from September 21st (Spring time in Brazil) to October 15th (Schoolteachers’ Day in Brazil), 2017.
  2. A maximum of two submissions per participant will be allowed. The same name can appear at most twice among the authors of the proposals.
  3. Paper proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
    1. The clarity of the text
    2. Consistency and accuracy of the analysis
    3. Suitability to the generative theme
    4. Explicit reference to Paulo Freire’s work

All proposals must be submitted by October 15th (Schoolteachers’ Day in Brazil), 2017 to this email address: [email protected]