Between May 22nd and 24th, the Brazilian Society of Public Administration (SBAP) will hold the XI XI Brazilian Public Administration Meeting (XI EBAP), in Brasília-DF, at the Brazilian Institute of Education, Development and Research (IDP Asa Norte). The XI EBAP is co-organized by the Institute of Public Law - IDP.

The entire professional and academic community in the area of Public Administration and related areas is invited to participate in the XI EBAP. We recommend that you find out about our working groups, in Appendix D, which will discuss various topics that also cover other areas of knowledge.

In 2024, the XI EBAP will take place in person and virtually. However, the work presentation sessions in virtual mode will take place, EXCLUSIVELY, between May 28th and 29th.

Submission opportunities are included in the 24 themes (Appendix D), with articles, technical reports and teaching cases being accepted. The presentation of works can occur by at least one registered author and the works are published after the event in the EBAP ANNALs. The best works are awarded.

The Organizing Committee of the XI EBAP reserves the right to reformulate the guidelines and dates established in this notice for legal compliance with sanitary measures arising from the risk of virus contamination.t


Papers by Working Groups