The IX Latin American Congress on Biomedical Engineering and XXVIII Brazilian Congress on Biomedical Engineering (CLAIB&CBEB 2022) took place simultaneously on October 24– 28, 2022, in Florianópolis-SC, Brazil, and were organised by the Institute for Biomedical Engineering of The Federal University of Santa Catarina (IEB-UFSC), the Regional Council of Biomedical Engineering for Latin America (CORAL) and the Brazilian Biomedical Engineering Society (SBEB). These events were held remotely for the most part, with a small set of conferences taking place in person on the premises of IEB-UFSC (Florianópolis, Brazil). They included 11 hands-on technical workshops for students, 26 keynote speakers and symposia and 40 oral and poster presentation sessions, attended by about a thousand participants, including undergraduate and graduate students, academic researchers, agents from public institutions and the private sector. 

We are proud to present in this book a selection of papers presented at this event by researchers from all over the world, reporting recent and innovative findings and technological outcomes in the many areas of interest of Biomedical Engineering. These papers represent nearly 50% of those original contributions presented at the CLAIB&CBEB 2022. Their academic quality has been warranted by careful peer-reviewing, coordinated by an expert Scientific Committee by leading Latin American senior researchers in Biomedical Engineering. The content is organised into four volumes and eleven chapters, covering the most relevant areas of scientific and technological developments within the broad spectrum of Biomedical Engineering interests. We are sure that the contributions presented in this book give a deep overview of the leading edge in your expertise and other areas. 

On behalf of Scientific and Organizing Committees, we thank authors, academic reviewers, and sponsoring societies such as CORAL, SBEB, UFSC, FAPESC and IEB-UFSC for their contributions. Moreover, we encourage readers to enjoy this amazing piece of scientific literature as a breadth of knowledge in the biomedical engineering field.


Jefferson Luiz Brum Marques

Daniela Ota Hisayasu Suzuki

Cesar Ramos Rodrigues

José Marino-Neto

Renato Garcia Ojeda