Development and Validation of Quality Control Analytical Methods for Allopurinol Tablets

Vol. 1, 2019. - 116757
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Allopurinol is a drug used to treat gout1,2. In Brazil, it is manufactured in two presentations: 100 and 300 mg tablets, being relevant the certification of quality control of these products2. Objective: To develop and validate two methods: ultraviolet spectrophotometry (UV) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for determination of allopurinol in tablets. Materials and methods: The dissolution medium selection steps were performed for the tablets, chromatographic and spectrophotometric conditions for drug detection using factorial design. Results: In the development for HPLC was used the C8 column, mobile phase: ethanol, hydrochloric acid and water; rate 0.6 mL min-1 with detection at 259 nm (the same wavelength used for spectrophotometry). The application of the methods was performed in the dissolution test where more than 90% of the drug was dissolved after 15 minutes. Conclusion: The developed methods were able to quantify the allopurinol drug in tablets.

  • 1 Universidade do Estado da Bahia
quality control
Analytical methods