Before Proceedings.Science: You’re wondering how you'll quickly transition your academic conference to a remote format. The scientific committee is stressed, everything seems to be falling apart and your attendees are asking for updates and it’s tough to see + manage everything.
After Proceedings.Science: Soon you’ll be feeling like ”hey, we got this”. Your paper session will be organized in one place, online, and your attendees will be collaborating (even though they’re apart), you’ll be on top of things, and a sense of calm will set in.

With over 50 conferences last year only, we are trusted by several Institutions and Universities:

UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
Georgia Tech
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Host your Online Paper Session

With Proceedings.Science, your conference attendees can enjoy every benefit from the paper session without ever leaving their home.

  • Enjoy 1-on-1 and 1-to-many interactions about your papers just like you would in a real-life event
  • Increase the engagement with real time interaction between the conference attendees
  • Allow authors to receive feedback on their breakthroughs directly from their home
  • Benefit from an asynchronous interaction with people from any timezone
  • Use dedicated and friendly tools to discover, share, and communicate with researchers from across the globe.
  • Engage your audience remotely with collaborative Q&As
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A new way of communicating science for a new media

Times like these are when we depend on the scientific endeavors the most. However, with several academic conferences canceled or postponed, the scientific progress might slow to a crawl. The poster sessions are a great and fun way to learn what is hot, share and receive feedback about your work.

We have been building virtual event proceedings for the last seven years, and after more than 70k conference papers, we decided to leverage our experiences to bring the paper sessions to a new level.

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How it works


Upload the approved submissions

Once you have defined the approved submissions, you will upload the list into our system.


Prepare the videos

We will contact the authors and work with them to produce short-videos (we suggest 5 minutes for posters and up to 30 min for oral presentations) describing their research.


Publish and Engage

A few weeks prior to the conference, the papers will be published online, in a place where they can ask questions and interact with the posters.

You bring together technology and the human touch, always so gracefully. You understand that some questions we ask may be a bit silly, but nevertheless answer them camly and clearly. I fully recommend Galoá!
Dr. Fernanda Mappa - University of Espírito Santo (UFES - Brazil)
Antonio Fernando da Silva, Ph.D picture
Proceedings.Science is a great platform for event organizers, from the registration to the post-conference. What I've found most important and innovative were the statistical reports on the people who read our articles.
Antonio Fernando da Silva, Ph.D. - Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB - Brazil)
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