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INTRODUCTION:This work deals with issues related to the partnership between the public sector, SUS and SUAS, making a theoretical and empirical work on the relationship of these sectors for Homeless Integral Attention. The goal is to analyze the benefits generated by the partnership between the SMSDC-RJ-5.1 “Consultório na Rua” (Clinic on the street) and CREAS Aldaíza Sposati 8th CDS as agents for improving the location of the homeless quality of life and strengthening the right to citizenship. It highlights issues related to Health and Intersectoral Liability Partnership. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We have used the case study method, in order to understand the goals expected by the partners in relation to Relief Programs and County Services Portfolio specific to each partner and to verify the form of intersectoral actions of these two organizations in the pursuit of the Integral Attention to individual homeless. RESULTS: This study revealed that there were improvements in the approaches of the target population, greater ease of forming bonds of trust between users / teams, and especially easier mobility of extensive Intersectoral Network. This partnership allowed the construction of positive, pragmatic and innovative interventions in various situations of rights violations decreasing the difficulty of access to treatment in health for complex cases in mental health, tuberculosis and STDs, always based on ethical respect to the individuals assisted and guiding principles of both systems.