Mediation between two cultures: health promotion and disease prevention in the indigenous basic health unit Aldeia Jaraguá Kwaray Djekupe

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The project sought to focus the dialogues and "translations" between the concepts of health belonging to the Mbya Guarani culture and non-indigenous medicine, as well as the challenges generated in this situation. To do this, the methodology used was to collect and read bibliographies, to carry out an ethnography of the indigenous health agents (AISs) and the indigenous sanitation agents (AISANs) of UBSI Aldeia Jaragua Kwaray Djekupe, both fundamental in the dialogue on health promotion and prevention of diseases occurring between Mbya and non-Indians, and in conversations and interviews with village members, with the UBSI staff in question and with the Xeramoi (pajé) and Karaí Kunhã (healing specialist) of the Jaraguá Kwaray Djekupe Village.