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The manufacture of scale models for experimental procedures requires a high degree of precision in order to avoid the propagation of uncertainties in the tests performed. Due to the complex geometry commonly presented by vessels, this process becomes difficult to control without the aid of optical measurement technology. This work presents a method to verify the geometry of a DARPA Suboff type submarine model (5470), whose forms are described by mathematical equations. Statistical analysis was performed on the deviations presented on the model’s surface in relation to the theoretical geometry. Close Range Photogrammetry surveys of the scale model and of molds that reproduce its forms were conducted, using a DSLR camera and calibrated photogrammetry equipment. The images were processed in commercial software, with the recognition of the three-dimensional coordinates of the points. Post-processing includes CAD positioning adjustments and deviation analysis. The presented method can be used as reference in measurement and analysis of deviations of models of vessels, oil platforms and submarines. In the future this procedure can be established as standard in research institutions that have experimental facilities in order to guarantee the quality in the construction of models and reduction of the experimental uncertainties due to the geometric deviations.

  • 1 Universidade de São Paulo
  • 2 Centro Tecnológico da Marinha
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  • 4.Construção naval
Accuracy Management