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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the treatment of cancer patients tends to be challenging. COVID-19 is a newly discovered disease and its impact on many aspects of the population is not yet well known, among these are the care and treatment of cancer patients, who are more susceptible to infections in general, due to immunological changes. Therefore, our objective is the impact of COVID-19 on the care and treatment progress of cancer patients in the adult Brazilian population (> 18 years). MATERIAL AND METHODS: This is a cross-sectional descriptive analysis using a quantitative approach, through self-completed questionnaires sent by e-mail and social networks (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) without interviewer intervention. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Data collection started after approval by the Human Research Ethics Committee in mid-August 2020. So far, we’ve had 31 participants with a predominance of residency in the southeast of the country and women (n = 22). Most patients do not have metastasis (n = 22). We have a predominance of Breast Cancer (n = 11), followed by lymphoma (n = 4). Most have been on chemotherapy for at least a year. Only two were diagnosed with COVID-19 during treatment. The greatest impact observed to date has been on the cancellation of consultations and/or surgeries, as well as the switch to online consultations. Only four participants reported not having changed their treatment and/or care routine. Great concern was reported regarding issues related to cancer treatment and lack of security in information about the disease. Thus, we observed that COVID-19 had a significant impact on the routine of patients undergoing cancer treatment, however, a greater number of participants must be reached, intensifying the dissemination of the research.

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Carol Almeida Gomes

Olá, Giselle! Agradeço pela pergunta.  Em relação aos pacientes que apresentaram COVID-19, um deles não manifestou alterações nas condutas médicas/tratamento, um outro relatou mudança para consulta on-line sem mencionar nada a respeito ao tratamento em sim. Ambos relataram fazer uso de máscaras e praticar o isolamento social.  O formulário foi divulgado publicamente com o auxílio das redes sociais, sem colaboração de instituições. A participação foi voluntária e direta. O refinamento usando como critério o tipo de tratamento não foi feito, e as análises e resultados foram feitos em conjunto com a minha orientadora Daiana V. Lopes Alves. Vale ressaltar que os dados são preliminares e a pesquisa ainda está ativa. 
  • 1 Instituto de Biodiversidade e Sustentabilidade - NUPEM / Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  • 2 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
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