Perfil geoecologico da Aldeia Indigena Kykateje a partir do modelo digital do terreno

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The geoecological profile defined as a vertical and horizontal representation of the landscape constitutes a resource of analysis and modeling. The present session aims to elaborate the geoecological profile of the Kykatêjê Indian Village, built from observations and data collection in the village and from the digital terrain model (MDE) in the Mãe Maria Indigenous Land. From the construction of the digital model, were identified the topographic variations and the determination of the altimetric quotas, where it is possible build the geoecological profile. The profile enhancement is accomplished with the aid of the QGIS Software with the plugin profile CorelDraw, making possible present a final version of the profile in a clear and didactic way. The model coupled with the digital terrain software linked with field techniques strengthen the methodology of landscape geoecology as a paradigmatic mark in the dynamic representation of this relationship contained in the natural and social dynamics. The methodology for profile building, if well used in the field, can make possible a more accurate analysis of the landscape. Key words: geoecology, digital terrain model, geotechnology; geoecologia, modelo digital de terreno, geotecnologia.