O uso de geoprocessamento na análise e monitoramento das queimadas no município de Uruçuí – PI.

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Fires are a common environmental problem in agriculture because is a very common practice the use of fire to clear the ground before planting. This present work used Gis and Remote Sensing, applying the analysis and monitoring of burnings in Uruçuí, part of the set of municipalities of Piauí''s cerrado in the year of 2015. The information used were provided by the Department of Monitoring of Burnings and Fires of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), through the use of satellites in the infrared channel''s data reception.For the analysis of such data, was chosen the Kernel density estimation, making estimation of the intensity of the process throughout the region and used the software Qgis 2.14 to analisys. The occurrence of bushfires in the municipality was examined and allowed to observe the dynamics of burned in the municipality are relatively divided. The outbreaks of 8,431 burned/fire are almost nonexistent in the first half of the year, with its greater occurrence in the months of July and October (second semester), and between these months, the most intense were those of August and September. The fact that the greatest number of occurrences have been recorded in the second half of the year, corroborates the idea that are produced by the farmers of the municipality, since the period of most intense burning coincide with the time of preparation of the soil for planting are in November and December.