Igualdade de gênero e espaço: um olhar para as condições das mulheres do estado do Rio Grande do Sul com o uso de um Índice das Condições de Gênero – Feminino (ICG-F)

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The debate on gender issues is not new in academic environment. Social activism, however, has taken new proportions driven by social movements and internet. The protest against the patriarchal hegemony, supported by statistics that place women at lower economic and social conditions heats up the debate. In this perspective, the paper proposes to make a quantitative analysis of the female condition. Therefore, using IBGE Census data, we propose a Gender Conditions Index of Women (ICG-F) using household responsibility variables, income and literacy. To the fore, it also put the indicators relating to violence against women, available by the Secretary of Public Security, in analysis applied to the Rio Grande do Sul state and the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre (RMPOA). Research shows intra-regional discrepancies (from the size of the municipalities), and intra-urban (more peripheral neighborhoods have the worst indicators). It concludes that the debate for more targeted public policies should take a careful look spatial conditions, particularly in relation to access to infrastructure and public services, essential for the emancipation of women and reducing socio-economic disparities.