Geotecnologias aplicadas ao mapeamento de áreas de risco de inundação na cidade de Teresina-Piauí.

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In periods of floods in the rivers, it is common the occurrence of events such as floods, storms and floods. It is possible to view this scenario in Teresina. In this work, the subject will be the flood in the vicinity of the Poti river, in the urban area of the city of Teresina, capital of Piauí. Has as objective to generate a digital model of the terrain to perform the identification of areas susceptible to flooding in the study area, draw up a map of the flood of the year 2009 (the most recent year of flooding in Teresina, brazil) and modeling of the flood areas in the basin. The files used were provided by the Municipal government of Teresina, the National Water Agency and the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. The methodology used was the development of Digital models of Elevation (MDE) using two interpoladores (Triangulation and the Top to Raster), and the mapping of flood areas by quota and by the curve of level. In the result obtained it was found that in the areas subject to flooding there are several residences that are exposed to the risk of contamination for illnesses, material losses and human lives. With this work we can view the tools that geotechnologies have to carry out mapping of natural events, showing an important ally to the making of decisions.