Field Collector: Aplicativo para inspeção ambiental de Linhas de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica

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The energy projects implementation must be made in accordance with the conditions of the environmental license and applicable legislation by enterprise type. Inspections environmental are required for monitoring for the building execution in field. In this inspections, it can be detected and registered some interferences that they are in disagreement with license environmental requirements. Aiming at optimizing and fieldwork improvement, Field Collector application was developed by Geoambiente. This new application allows better control, management and quality of the data collected in the field and it result in quality data. Thus, the spatial surveys are translated into immediate results based on proposed procedures during a service execution. Field Collector is a mobile platform that allows visual and descriptive field observations to be used to record Conformance, Nonconformities and Enhancement Opportunities during an environmental inspection in loco. Further to concurrent registration, this application enable information published spatially in Web environment, making available a geographical location of the site inspected. Spacial specialization and presentation of information collected by specialists provides the evaluating body with greater reliability and agility in the evaluation. Prior to application, such as environmental inspections, they consumed 40% of their time in office activities and 60% in field activities. With the use of the application, there was a reduction of 50% in office work and 20% in the fieldwork, resulting in a general savings of 60%.