Determinação do coeficiente de combustão e do fator de combustão da vegetação da fitofisionomia do cerrado campo limpo com o uso da Energia Radiativa do Fogo

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The aim of this study was to determine the combustion coefficient and combustion factor from a combustion laboratory experiment conducted with plant species collected in physiognomy of clean field of savanna biome in Sempre-Vivas National Park (PNSV). The plant material was exposed to the combustion process with samples different weights of 0.025; 0.1; 0.15; 0.2; 0.25 and 0.5 kg at 7 samples for each biomass weight, counting the total of 42 measurements. After combustion of each sample of biomass that was not consumed, was collected for weighing. A thermal camera was used (FLIR A310) to measure the temperature of burning. After the experiment, in possession of the data collected by the thermal camera, they were processed for the Radiative Fire Power (FRP, MJ.s-1) and the radiative energy Fire (ERF, MJ). The combustion coefficient was 0.8263 kg.MJ-1, this value means that each 0.8263 kg of biomass burning in area under study, 1 MJ is released. In the experiment 85.5% of the biomass was consumed after the passage of fire, this value represents the factor of combustion.