Análise espaço – temporal para avaliação das mudanças na cobertura vegetal do município de Picos - Piauí

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The great advances of geotechnologies, combined with the development of theoretical and methodological models, are becoming more and more indispensable when it comes to the study Earth''s surface science. This set has a big importance to understand the terrestrial space and its landscapes as a consequence of several studies. By imaging the earth through satellites, is possible to acquire information with help of sensors, collecting the energy that comes from the object, being able to use images from the same region at different times, and from the computational tools found in the systems. Geographic information (GIS) is possible to measure natural and man-made impacts and also to compare the differences that occurred in the place through the acquired data. Therefore the present work aims to present the changes of the vegetation cover in the municipality of Picos-PI, using remote sensing techniques and NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) vegetation index, which are extremely important to detect changes in the city and also temporal evaluation , thus ,showing the development of the urban space of the municipality. The Landsat 5 and Landsat 8 satellite images were used for the 2000 and 2015 years, which served as a subsidy for that analysis, where the techniques of digital image processing were used.