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DETER and PRODES projects have been pioneerers at monitoring large deforestation mapping areas in Brazil. They have proved with quality-assured data their commitment to bridge the gap between society and better management of resources. Such environmental programs complexity, however, requires the designing, implementation and deployment of a spatial data infrastructure able to easily disseminate those data. TerraBrasilis thus plays an important role by supporting storage and query web services using modularized and virtualized environments to enable high availability and performance. The key idea behind TerraBrasilis is to facilitate the access and analysis of deforestation data generated by PRODES and DETER, and perhaps further thematic mapping projects. In this paper, we demonstrated TerraBrasilis within GIS and analytics environments with deforestation data of the Cerrado biome.

  • 1 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais - SJC
  • 2 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
Eixo Temático
  • Geoprocessamento e aplicações
Spatial Data Infrastructure
Deforestation Data