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UAV flight control applications designed for mapping, inspection and 3D model generation do not provide tools for autonomous flight and image acquisition of vertical surfaces, such as quarry walls or large cliffs, leaving the user to a manual flight operation. In this work we describe a workflow to program autonomous UAV missions designed to acquire images of vertical surfaces, with the desired parameters of distance to target and overlap, using the Litchi App. The study area is a inactive basalt quarry, where 540 images of a ~25x200m wall were taken in about an hour, following a layout of six flight lines, ensuring an 80% overlap between photographs.

  • 1 IEE (Instituto de Energia e Ambiente) / Universidade de São Paulo
  • 2 Instituto de Geociências / Universidade de São Paulo
Eixo Temático
  • VANTs, videografia e alta resolução
Structure from Motion
Structural Geology