Phenomenology of midlife crisis

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The midlife crisis is characterized by a complex interplay of multiple phenomena.

Turning forties, it‘s as a janus bifrons where one face is turned to death, and one is turned to the power of life and energy.

Who am I? This adolescent questioning comes again reinforced by the fact that we have already received a social response to this interrogation. The fact of having been successful in some things paying the price of having given up other ones.

This age where we see better what we previously didn't or couldn’t see: the presence of our parents in us, evidence of similarities that make us a successor. The midlife period, is the age where we no longer have the choice: it will be necessary to reconcile freedom with legacy.

It seems that we must learn to live with this gap between what life would be and what it actually is. Lucid acceptance of what we are seems something beneficial.
Also, it is time to understand the greatness of the 'small' pleasures of existence: sex, good food, the sun. Our body begins to tell us about our mortality to recognize the value of the simplest pleasures of existence.

And if, being in midlife, it is just that we're able to listen what our body has to say?

The goal of this work is to present a phenomenological view over midlife crisis period.