Preparation, characterization and in vitro release of β-galactosidase encapsulated by complex coacervation

Vol1,2018 - 94149
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There is a substantial increase in the demand for delivering bioactive ingredients through everyday foods over the last few decades. This occurs particularly due to the increased awareness of the impact of food on health or due to the specific health conditions of some groups of the population. Thence, a great interest in the oral delivery of different types of bioactive proteins, such as enzymes. In this study evaluated the technological viability of the formation of lactase microparticles by coacervation (gelatin/gum arabic) containing potassium ions (cofactor). The impacts of encapsulation and cofactor on enzymes properties obtained from Kluyveromyces lactis was evaluated as a function of different pH, temperature and storage time. The best microparticles formed by coacervation showed good functional properties with low water activity (≤ 0.4), particle size (≤ 93.52 μm), and high encapsulation efficiency (≥ 98.67 %). The ions potassium were capable to reduce the flexibility of the polypeptide backbone thereby increasing the stability of the enzyme and microcapsules were also capable to increase the stability of enzyme under high temperatures, storage, and unfavorable pH. In vitro experiment showed that microcapsules were effective to retain about 90% of the enzyme, but as much as 95% of the enzyme can be released from the capsules at simulated intestinal fluid. The released enzyme retained 83 % of total enzyme activity of lactase from Kluyveromyces lactis. These results are quite relevant and demonstrated that these microcapsules can be a promising technology to protect and delivery bioactive proteins during store and delivery in GI tract

  • 1 Faculdade de engenharia, Universidade Federal do Grande Dourados, Dourados, Brasil
  • 2 University of São Paulo, Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering, Pirassununga, Brazil
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