Heparanase 1 upregulation promotes migration, invasion and vascular endothelial growth, and is a predictor of survival for oral cancer

Vol 1, 2022 - 153698
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In order to characterize the HPSE1 role in oral cancer progression, we investigated the expression of HPSE1 in patient samples and OSCC cell lines. Our in vitro approach demonstrated that HPSE1 was up-regulated in tumor tissues and cell lines, and it was an unfavorable prognostic indicator of disease survival. Moreover, HPSE1 revocation in OSCC cells promoted apoptosis and inhibited proliferation, migration, invasion and EMT, by decreasing N-CAD and VIM expressions. Furthermore, HPSE1-shRNA-silenced cells resulted in reduced vascular endothelial growth. In conclusion, our results suggests that HPSE1 overexpression is involved with several oral progression processes, and it can be considered a potential prognostic marker for OSCCs.

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Oral Cancer
Tumor microenvironment
Tumor progression