• All abstracts must be submitted electronically (http://callforpapers.galoa.com.br/realm/enipe-2017) until March 3, 2017, addressing the following topics: "Nursing Process" and "Information Technology in Health".

  • The abstracts will be selected by an evaluation committee and will compete for the awards.

  • All submission information will be forwarded to the rapporteur's email. So be sure to provide the correct email address.

  • The list of approved abstracts will be sent by e-mail to the rapporteur by 31/05/2017.

  • The Proceedings of the event will be published online on the Galoá Proceedings platform (https // proceedings.galoa.com.br), with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) number. 

  • All approved abstracts will be presented in poster form.



Abstracts should be in Portuguese or English, according to the settings: A4 paper, 2cm margins on all sides, 1.5 spacing, 12 size Arial font and justified alignment.

The mandatory points in the abstract should follow the guidelines:

Title It should be clear, written in capital letters and do not use abbreviations.

The names of the authors should be below the title.

The rapporteur's name should be bold and underlined. Start with the family name of the reporter and separate by semicolon all authors. Ex. Almeida AO; Toledo V; Vegian CF.

Written in a single paragraph.

Limited to 500 words.

Must contain:

Introduction: presentation of the subject and justification of the study.

Objective: general objective.

Method: description of the procedures used to carry out the research, location, sample, statistical treatment, among other aspects that the author deems necessary. Enter the ethics committee's opinion number in the research, if applicable. Do not insert figures, graphs or tables.

Results: highlight the main results obtained in the study.

Conclusions: response to the study objective.

References: maximum 5 (five) Vancouver style (do not count in 500 words).

Descriptors: Indicate 3 (three) according to the BIREME DeCs (Descriptor in Health Sciences) or Mesh (Medical Subject Headings) of NLM (National Library of Medicine), separated by semicolons and initialed in capital letters.
Footnote Inform institutional affiliation, professional category, title or position of the authors, in addition to the e-mail of the rapporteur.


  1. For submission of abstract, the reporter must have the registration paid.

  2. Each rapporteur may submit a maximum of two posters, with no limit of participation as author in other works.

  3. Abstracts will be accepted or rejected, with no return to the author for corrections.