Comunicon - International Congress in Communication and Consumption - is an initiative of PPGCOM ESPM. Over the last decade, it has become a plural space for dialogue about the field of communication and consumption in its multiple interfaces. In 2023, it will be in a virtual format, keeping the Graduate and Undergraduate WGs meeting.

In 2023, the theme of the event will be:


The digital culture has been reordering the political dynamics of contemporary societies, generating important impacts on the maintenance and consolidation of democracies.  The popularization of the Internet and the expansion of technology companies and digital platforms have contributed to widening participation in public debate, but they have also brought dilemmas and risks to democratic processes that require us to rethink the relationship between political participation and deliberation in the public sphere in the age of networks. 

The growth of misinformation, the emergence of extremism, the destabilization of electoral processes and elected governments, the cancellation as a substitute for deliberation and consensus, the blurring of the difference between freedom of expression and censorship, the deepening of surveillance devices, the algorithmization of taste and the reconfiguration of collective mobilizations are some of the social phenomena engendered by digital culture that require understanding by communication and consumption scholars.  

Comunicon 2023 proposes to be an academic space for scientific debate with the objective of situating, understanding and problematizing communication and consumption from the point of view of the questions that involve the relationships between digital culture and democracy. 


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