Effect of explant and growth regulator on in vitro propagation of Opuntia ficus-indica Mill

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  • Tipo de apresentação: Apresentação Oral
  • Eixo temático: Genetic resources and breedIng of cacti
  • Palavras chaves: microprogation; vitroplants; meta-Topolin; kinetin; benzylaminopurine;
  • 1 Universidad de Chile

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NF ecotype of Opuntia ficus-indica Mill. from the germplasm bank of the University of Chile is an interesting plant that produce cactus pear fruit with low amount of seeds. Because we have only one plant of NF ecotype, the goals of this study were to propagate it using in vitro culture techniques. An apical piece of cladode (2 cm x 4 cm,) were cultured in Murashige-Skoog medium, supplemented with 3% sucrose, 4 g/L phytagel and 22,2 uM of BAP. After 90 days, small cladodes were produced from establish medium and different explants were isolated for multiplication stage; apical piece of cladode of 1 cm2, piece of central part of cladode cut in half and placed horizontally (mucilaginous face in the medium) and a cross section of the cladode placed horizontally (epidermis and areoles face in the medium). The multiplication medium was Murashige-Skoog, supplemented with 3% sucrose, 4 g/L phytagel and different growth regulators (BAP, KIN and MT). Explants were grown al 25+2 ºC under a 16-h photoperiod. After 14 days of culture, the 100% of the areoles of the apical explant shooting in the 10 uM of MT for all the explants. The explant cultured in the medium supplemented with 10 uM of KIN, produced 50% of the areoles with shoots and roots. This research suggests that O. ficus-indica Mill. NF ecotype can be successfully propagated in vitro.

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