Identification of active compounds against pathogens from Streptomyces isolated from fungus-growing ants

Vol 8, 2021 - 142607
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In this project 8 strains of Streptomyces, isolated from fungus-growing ants of Amazonian region, were evaluated for bioactive natural products against Leishmania infantum and other pathogens. The results include a variety of compounds, especially antifungals, active against Leishmania and Escovopsis, a specialized parasite fungus of ants, revealing the importance of this type of compound in the relationship between ants and actinobacteria. This is the first record of echinomycin in this system.

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  • 1 School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirao Preto (FCFRP), University of São Paulo (USP)
  • 2 São Carlos Institute of Physics (IFSC), University of São Paulo (USP)
Natural products